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Layout options
  Single image per page layout options include...

Placing the image with a keyline in the center of the page with a fair amount of negative space around it. Keylines (borders) are typically a 1 or 2 pt. black. Sloppy borders are available.

Or bleeding the long dim. of the image with a keyline on the non bled sides. This can make the 1up images larger, up to 12" high on a 9wX12h book.

Or doing a full bleed image where the image bleeds on all sides. Double page spreads are also possible.

It is also possible to mix photographer designed pages in with auto layouts. For example, a photographer may want to design a title page, or perhaps design the first 10-20 pages and then use auto layouts for the remaining pages.

It's possible to do quite a few variations on the layouts, some common styles are...

Favorites 1up at the start and then a grid on each page following that.

Grid X 1 layouts, where there is a grid of images on the left and a single image on the right and this repeats on every 2 pages.

A set of grids on every page, common on proofbooks intents.

It is possible to do chapters of a book in the categories of the event, for example, you could do a title page, then a chapter page of the favorites, followed by 1up images of the favorites, then another chapter page followed by a 6up grid of the getting ready shots, followed by another chapter page followed by a grid of the ceremony, etc.

You can also design your spreads in common layout programs like PhotoJunction if you setup PhotoJunction to use our book size specifications. These layouts can be mixed in with auto layouts.

Our book side specifications can be found here, as can book spread templates and optional dust jacket templates.


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