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  We offer several binding options.

Hand sewn bindings
Our most popular is the hand sewn signature book. This is a book where the pages are printed and folded down the middle, then gathered together with several other pages to form a signature, which is then punched in the fold and then sewn together with the other signatures of the book. This is done by hand with a durable Irish linen thread onto reinforcing tapes.

This style of hand binding is called a "Codex" and has been around since the 1st century AD.

This style of binding is a very durable and flexible. Books bound in this manner will lay very flat, making them great for guest signature books, and they can also be bound into very thick bindings of hundreds of pages.

Hand sewn books can optionally be rounded & backed, a craftsman process that rounds the spine and is typically reserved for very thick volumes.

Double Loop Wire bindings (DLW)
DLW bindings are books with single sheets of paper that are punched along the spine edge with square holes and bound with cloth covered boards (typically), using a double loop coil of wire that is clamped around the boards and paper.
These book will open very flat and it is possible to add pages to this style of book by clipping off the binding wire.
This style is not as elegant as the hand sewn bindings, but still can make a very nice book. We typically make these for proofbooks or guest books.
This style of binding can be made much larger that the hand sewn books as the pages are not folded. Sizes range from 9wX6h to 20wX13h.

Spiral bindings
This binding style is very similar to the DLW bindings, but instead of a double "C" shape of wire that is clamped around the pages, it is a seamless hard plastic coil that is coiled into the pages and outer boards. It's a good choice for larger books.

Perfect binding
Perfect binding is a method of binding where the printed pages are stacked together and then glued together along the spine. We have a perfect binding machine, but it is not a machine we use typically for photographer's work, it's used mainly for promotion pieces.
Although a common binding method & used by many on-demand binderies, it is not a very sturdy method of binding, especially for use with the heavier weight papers we typically use.

3-ring binding
Yup, your typical binder pages.
These are not used very often for weddings, but can be great for other types of photography where the pages need to be taken out of the binding. Commercial, architectural, and sometimes portraits are typical uses of this type of binding.
For example, say you are shooting a product, the art director most likely will not want a bound book of all of the images, but a binder full of pages with large images and other information including the photographers logo and copyright that the art director can take out and layout on a table for designing might just be the ticket.

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